More than 500 people gathered together, and the 2019 customized home smart manufacturing conference

2019-09-01 15:48:54 Guangdong Custom Home Association

In order to create an opportunity for customized home furnishing enterprises to learn about the intelligent manufacturing mode of industry 4.0 and jointly explore the transformation path of intelligent manufacturing of enterprises, the association organized a visit to the "future factory" of Sophia huanggang and the 2019 customized home furnishing intelligent manufacturing conference on August 16, which was held in the nubin kaiwalden hotel, huanggang, hubei.

This activity by guangdong custom & wardrobe industry association, guangdong furniture association Suofeiya Home Collection Co., Ltd, holy ACTS the role of decoration material Co., Ltd, hubei huanggang whole house custom wardrobe cabinet industry association, move the door industry association, zhejiang province, sichuan province, cooperated with the custom of the third industry association Home branch technology Co., Ltd., Guangzhou bo jun household through Kdt Machinery Co., Ltd., its name, Guangdong boshuo painting technology co., LTD., foshan nanhai lisheng hot melt adhesive factory, guangdong andisi intelligent furniture components co., LTD., guangzhou taiwu decoration materials co., LTD., huanggang investment promotion service center, huanggang high-tech zone management committee, and huanggang branch of China merchants bank strongly support. On the day of the event, more than 500 people including government leaders, enterprise representatives, industry celebrities, university experts and media journalists gathered together to discuss the development of customized home intelligent manufacturing.


Visit intelligent factory

In the morning, the visiting team took buses from the hotel to the factory to start the tour. When you come to Sophia huanggang "future factory", what you see is Sophia's first 4.0 workshop, which covers an area of 333,000 square meters and integrates manufacturing, exhibition and training. It is the largest manufacturing center under Sophia.


Sophia on the arrival of the home elite investigation group expressed a warm welcome, under the guidance of the guide, the investigation group in-depth production line, more intuitive understanding of Sophia products intelligent production process, feel the unique charm of home intelligent manufacturing. It can be seen from the site that the quick pressing and lamping production line of Sophia wardrobe adopts full automatic equipment from material preparation and paving to copy cooling and stacking. There are not many operators in the workshop, but the production efficiency is very high.


The guide told us that the raw material board in workshop 4.0 starts from the intelligent three-dimensional raw material warehouse, and goes through such processes as material opening, sealing, punching, sorting and packaging, all of which are completed automatically by the mechanical arm and intelligent logistics system. The whole process does not fall on the ground and is not manually handled, thus truly realizing the liberation of hands. Through the introduction of the narrator, we have a preliminary understanding of the basic process of Sophia customized home intelligent manufacturing. During the visit, we were impressed by Sophia's clean production workshop, advanced flexible production line and strict production management.


Intelligent three-dimensional library: to realize the rationalization of the upper level of the warehouse, access automation, easy to operate, a stack of plate automatic allocation of a number for management, the realization of "up and down one" seamless operation.

Material opening process: intelligent material opening equipment. Before each raw material enters the electronic saw, a unique identification number will be assigned for tracing. According to the assigned task, the electronic saw will load production data and automatically complete the material opening, cutting, labeling and conveying to the next section.

Three-dimensional cache device: through the production process control system, analyze the production information of the front and back sections in real time, coordinate the production of each section, and ensure the continuous stability and efficiency of the production line.


Edge banding process: automatic edge banding machine to complete the plate edge banding, fast and accurate. And each sealing machine has a quality inspection equipment to check the quality of production, only qualified plate will enter the next process.

Sorting and packaging process: intelligent plate sorting system and packaging stacking system, the hardware is the most popular six-axis industrial robot, the software is the independent research and development of the line control system, can continuously and in large quantities according to the order of intelligent sorting plate, and according to the packaging requirements of intelligent stacking, accuracy is nearly 100%.


Then, led by the staff, the delegation moved to the Sophia exhibition hall. In the factory exhibition hall, we watched a series of featured products of Sophia, and the members couldn't help paying tribute to the high-quality products of Sophia's residence system.


In saint decoration factory, we visited the "macerating" production workshop, laboratory and exhibition hall of decorative paper, and saw the intelligent manufacturing process of saint decoration macerating paper, scientific testing technology, and the practical application of decorative paper products in household products, which was an eye-opener.

Melamine impregnated film paper also known as "melamine" paper, is a plain color raw paper or printing decorative paper impregnated with amino resin and dry to a certain degree, with a certain resin content and volatile content of adhesive paper, by hot press can be mutually gluing or gluing with wood-based plate substrate. Through its facing wood-based board, with fire prevention, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, moisture resistance, wear-resistant, easy to clean and other characteristics, its application range is very broad, mainly used in office furniture, kitchen furniture, indoor decoration and car decoration, etc., has become the most widely used surface decoration materials of furniture and laminate wood floor.


2019 custom home intelligent manufacturing conference

At 2pm, 2019 custom home intelligent manufacturing conference will be held in peony hall, 4th floor, kaiwalden hotel, huanggang. Meeting with "intelligent manufacturing wisdom creates the future" as the theme, the communist party of China (huanggang municipal party committee, deputy secretary of the municipal party committee politics and law committee secretary zhang socialisation, vice mayor of huanggang people's government, the high-tech zone administrative committee secretary of the party working Zhou Yongshi huanggang, huanggang, secretary general of the people's government, a government office, director of the smell Wu Bin, huanggang de-gao li, deputy secretary-general of the people's government, huanggang high-tech zone management committee director Mr. Liu and other leaders attended the meeting. The whole assembly room was full, we launched a custom home intelligent sharing exchange feast.


At the beginning of the meeting, the deputy secretary of huanggang municipal committee of the communist party of China, secretary of political and legal committee of the communist party of China zhang shejiao delivered a speech. In his speech, he mentioned that whole-house customization accounts for half of the entire home furnishing industry and is more suitable for the public than traditional home furnishing. Secretary zhang said that huanggang city will make full use of the unique location advantages, gather relevant production factors and resources, to create the best platform and environment for the development and growth of customized household industry in huanggang, and hope that more household enterprises to huanggang layout development.


Then, zhang ting, President of guangdong custom Home furnishing association and vice President of Suofeiya Home Collection Co.,Ltd addressed the conference. He introduced guangdong custom home furnishing association and Sophia have developed rapidly in recent years and achieved good results. He also points out, below current market environment, custom-made household is returning rational development, when facing challenge, all custom-made household person should intensive and meticulous work, hold to innovation.


Subsequently, huanggang city vice mayor zhou Yongshi came to power as huanggang custom home industry promotion. Mayor zhou showed us the good investment environment of huanggang city, analyzed the advantages of various aspects, and attracted investment for huanggang city, hoping to attract more home furnishing enterprises to huanggang, help build the green smart home in central China, and create a better future.


Digital transformation and intelligent manufacturing of customized home furnishing enterprises


Professor wu zhihui of school of furniture and industrial design of nanjing forestry university was the first guest speaker. Professor wu interpreted industry 4.0, intelligent manufacturing and other industry keywords in an authoritative and professional way, and analyzed them in detail and practical ways:

1. Integrated development of household industry. "Home" in the big category to find their business positioning, business model, manufacturing model, is a primary problem.

2. Digital transformation of household enterprises. The future will become the data era, digital economy, methodology (thinking, mode) +, cloud platform (software, system) +, big data (standards, control) become the decisive force driving the digital transformation of enterprises.

3. Intelligent manufacturing of household products. Digital transformation is the foundation and key of intelligent manufacturing. Industrial Internet provides a realistic path for intelligent manufacturing.

Customized, intelligent manufacturing


In the theme sharing of customized household industry 4.0 production line, liu fenghua, deputy general manager of Guangzhou Kdt Machinery Co.,Ltd., showed the advanced technology of gedong Machinery in customization + large-scale production, information + Internet (industry 4.0 intelligent manufacturing), and summarized the current focus of customized household intelligent manufacturing:

1. The trend of home furnishing industry from manual + stand-alone mode to automation + information, and the trend of customized home furnishing market is also changing to diversified demands and processes.

2. Intellectualization includes informatization and automation.

Empower everything, connect the future


Xiong binbin, account director of shugen Internet technology co., LTD., Shared the special topic. He introduced many successful cases of application of shugen Internet and showed the cross-domain and cross-industry enabling services based on the industrial Internet platform. With director xiong's sharing and explanation, the participants had a further understanding of the integrated development of industrial Internet platform and manufacturing industry.

Intelligent manufacturing of impregnated film paper


Gao xinxin, deputy general manager of huanggang sheng decoration material co., LTD., introduced the technology of impregnated film paper in detail, which provided a rare experience for the enterprises on the spot. With the help of the video presentation, we clearly understand the application technology of saint decoration in intelligent manufacturing:

1. Impregnation processing endows the decorative panel with various physical and chemical properties such as abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, high temperature resistance and weather resistance.

2. The positioning and function of triamine impregnation must be endowed with physical and chemical resistance on the surface of the decorative panel and decorative effect of the auxiliary decorative panel.

3. Printing clarity, color fastness, color difference and deformation determine the quality of melamine paste panel.

Sophia intelligent manufacturing


Jiang hao, general manager of manufacturing center of Suofeiya Home Collection Co.,Ltd, Shared the practical application solution of intelligent manufacturing on the spot, and showed Sophia's intelligent manufacturing technology in customized Home furnishing, so that everyone could feel the innovation and reform of Sophia's information and intelligence.

Sophia informatization


Guangzhou ninki Li Zhongxian intelligent system co., LTD., director of Sophia information in the application of intelligent manufacturing, Sophia informatization and industry chain construction has carried on the detailed interpretation. He said that to promote the deep integration of informatization and industrialization, customized home furnishing enterprises and industrial chains need to take advantage of the rapid development of domestic informatization and intelligent equipment to improve the level of intelligent manufacturing. The speech was rich, honest and full of dry goods.

Customized home intelligent manufacturing Forum Activities


Under the trend of people's living, enterprises can achieve better development only by following the general trend, accelerating the pace of industrial development 4.0, and deeply integrating with the new generation of artificial intelligence, big data, Internet and personalized customization. As the big theme of this conference -- intelligent manufacturing, has also become the focus of hot discussion. BBS sharing session, Dr Furniture upstream and downstream Shao Yi, margarita (guangdong), general manager of Tang Hua jun, deputy general manager of the sheep, best victory household intelligence forces, Hollywood guest jin-quan liu, general manager of execution, the poem nyman Hu Ying furniture manufacturing, deputy general manager, ninki intelligent ZhuangHongJin, extremely east machinery, deputy general manager, general manager of badad, bo chairman Xie Jun to recognize guest is custom furniture industry present situation and the common problems are discussed in this paper, and share their wonderful views of the industry and original view, big coffee better sobering.


"Hongya night" dinner

Before the dinner, zeng yong, secretary-general of guangdong custom home furnishing association, made a speech. He said that this is the first time for the association to hold a large-scale event outside the province. The number of members of the association has reached 600. In the future, the association will organize more activities of the same type, deepen interconnection, provide the best industry exchange platform, and jointly promote the development of customized home furnishing industry.


In 2018 and 2019, the association held two consecutive custom goddess competitions. As a benchmark activity in the customized home furnishingindustry, the customized goddess competition has received high attention from both inside and outside the industry. In the presence of more than 500 people, the third customized goddess competition was officially launched with the exclusive title of wanhua hexiang board and the sponsorship of huali.


As the third custom goddess competition named business, wanhua board industry general manager yu wenjie delivered a speech, the speech expressed the expectation of the third custom goddess competition, the expectation of the custom household industry, and expressed the hope to create brilliant together with all custom household enterprises.


Finally, by the communist party deputy secretary of municipal party committee of huanggang, politics and law committee secretary zhang socialisation, vice mayor of huanggang people's government, the high-tech zone administrative committee secretary of the party working Zhou Yongshi huanggang, huanggang high-tech zone management committee, director of guangdong province custom home guest association director unit, through Kdt Machinery Co., Ltd., vice general manager of badad came to a toast for dinner, together to congratulate the success of the custom 2019 household intelligent manufacturing assembly.


This meeting has brought about in-depth discussions and extensive exchanges. It will not only help build consensus in the industry, but also build synergy in the industry. It is of great significance and far-reaching significance. Facing the future, guangdong custom home furnishing association will work together with industry colleagues to jointly develop and prosper, and jointly build a new era of intelligent manufacturing and information home furnishing industry!

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