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2019-06-01 17:00:20 Guangdong Custom Home Association


Beijing time on the afternoon of May 22, by the Chinese people's political consultative conference guangzhou committee guidance, guangdong custom home association, guangdong wardrobe industry association sponsored, guangdong dongtai hardware precision manufacturing co., ltd. to support the "create guangzhou 'global custom capital' conference" held in cologne, Germany.

Guangzhou CPPCC vice chairman Yu Jianshe, guangzhou CPPCC standing committee, director of the economic committee Gu Jianqing, guangzhou CPPCC standing committee, deputy director of the economic committee Li Yue, guangzhou CPPCC liaison working committee office director Yang Hongli, guangzhou business exhibition promotion service center deputy director Yuan Yinghong, guangzhou business bureau exhibition promotion office director Guo Shixian, German modern kitchen industry association vice President unit representative Ditma, guangdong custom home association President Wang Biao, guangdong bureau of clothing industry association President Lin Tao, guangdong custom home association secretary Zeng Yong and other government and association leaders platform, voice together, Announce the grand blueprint of "guangzhou customization" development to the whole world.

The press conference attracted extensive attention from merchants all over the world, and many mainstream industry media at home and abroad followed up the report.


Press conference site

It is understood that the delegation's visit to Germany is based on a decision made by the guangzhou CPPCC economic committee in February this year to investigate the guangdong custom home association. According to the resolution, guangzhou municipal government will join hands with the association to carry out a series of road shows at home and abroad to build a "customized capital of the world" in guangzhou.

The domestic side had a strong voice at the guangzhou custom furniture exhibition in March, while the international side chose the cologne furniture exhibition in May. First, Germany leads the world in intelligent manufacturing; Secondly, cologne furniture fair has a long history and is the most famous furniture exhibition in the world. Speaking here will help to better promote the influence of "guangzhou custom" brand in the world.

In addition, the delegation will carry out in-depth exchanges with local exhibition parties, associations and enterprises, learn from the development experience of exhibition industry, explore the training and exchange mechanism of exhibition talents and the development cooperation mechanism of exhibition industry. Visit exhibition enterprises and exhibition halls.


Yu Jianshe, vice chairman of guangzhou CPPCC

In his speech, yu jianshe, vice chairman of guangzhou CPPCC, affirmed the efforts made by guangdong custom home association and guangdong wardrobe industry association to promote the development of Chinese customization.

He pointed out that as the birthplace and concentration of the industry, guangzhou has incomparable industrial foundation and inherent advantages, "guangzhou customization" in many cities has an authoritative position and weight. It is necessary to put forward the construction of "global customization capital" to actively respond to national policy instructions and work deployment, which is conducive to accelerating the innovation of urban consumer industrial manufacturing model, opening a "new sample" of manufacturing upgrading, and leading the subversive transformation of traditional manufacturing.

He hopes that custom home furnishing enterprises can seize the opportunity, keep in mind the quality development mission, respond to the national "quality power" strategy, to produce healthy, safe, high-quality products for consumers; In the new manufacturing wave of industry 4.0, make guangzhou customization a new business card representing China's intelligent manufacturing.

With the influence of cologne exhibition, it is beneficial to promote the influence of "guangzhou custom" brand in the world, and accumulate extensive strength for guangzhou to build a global custom capital.


Guangdong custom home association President Wang Biao

Subsequently, custom furniture association of guangdong province Wang Biao systematically introduces the outstanding advantages of guangzhou custom house float subsequently, customize the household is the emerging sunrise industry, it conforms to the personalized needs of modern consumers, in an automated production technology, fashion design concept to consumers the comfortable life environment, and points out that building of the "global custom" guangzhou region, industry, technology, resources, talent and other advantages. The industry development of 20 years has also created dozens of listed enterprises, nearly half of which are in guangzhou, which deserves to be regarded as the customization capital of the world.


Lin Tao, President of guangdong wardrobe industry association

Then, guangdong wardrobe industry association President, kefan custom chairman Lin tao said in the speech, China's custom home after 20 years of development has formed an industrial advantage, in the national information industry strategy under the power, the industry will quickly collective into the international market. Guangdong, as an industrial concentration of the origin, development and expansion of the customization industry, radiates many cities including foshan, dongguan, huizhou and other medium-sized cities with guangzhou as the center, and has the most complete industrial system. We will work together to promote the development of the industry, seize historical opportunities and push Chinese customization to a new height.


Guangdong custom home association secretary-general Zeng Yong

Guangdong custom home association secretary-general zeng yong mentioned in the relevant introduction to the press conference, guangzhou custom home industry development level in the world's leading, with the "global custom to see China, China custom to see guangzhou" reputation; The custom home industry has the world's leading business model, is the practitioner of China's industry 4.0, with the Internet gene, the perfect carrier of new retail, is the entrance of the future home and decoration mode, will make guangzhou into the "global custom capital". The association will continue to promote the in-depth development of the customization industry, implement the construction of industry design center, research and development center, exhibition center, build customized home industry park, and promote the better and faster development of the customized headquarters economy in guangzhou.


Launching ceremony

And then by the guangzhou municipal people's political consultative conference, it construction, vice President of guangzhou Gu Jian qing, director of the standing committee of the CPPCC national committee, economic committee, German modern kitchen representative dieter horse industry association, vice President of units, vice President of guangzhou CPPCC, Sophia zhang ting and supervisor, federal Gordon, chairman of guangdong custom furniture association Lin Yi learn 5 guest jointly declared cologne station "guangzhou" global custom of "ceremony" officially launched!

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