The second custom goddess competition in 2019 came to a successful conclusion, and no. 5 marge Chen

2019-03-27 19:47:13 Guangdong Custom Home Association

The first three winners of the second customized goddess in 2019

(champion no. 5 marg house custom Chen yu, runner-up no. 3 TREEZO Du yangyang, runner-up no. 10 wei yi zhang miaomao)

March 26-28, 2019, China [guangzhou] custom home furnishing exhibition, which has attracted much attention in the home furnishing industry, was grandly launched in guangzhou poly world expo, attracting nearly 200,000 professional visitors from all over the country.

The big picture

In guangzhou on March 27, poly world trade exhibition hall on the third floor BBS area, from many beauty, margarita, Sophia, boat in one thousand, the victorious, van, li bo, eve, NPC, card brand ten beautiful goddess of vigorous and graceful, shining like diamonds in the exhibition scene, after four hours of intense competition, vying for custom goddess prize.

Review the seats

The second customized goddess in 2019 is a benchmarking activity in the customized home furnishing industry jointly initiated by guangdong customized home furnishing association and sina home furnishing co., LTD., with the exclusive title of 3d home. Contest judges by guangdong supervisors Lin Yixue custom furniture association, guangdong custom & wardrobe industry association of guangdong province furniture association secretary general jamesd, three-dimensional home information technology co., LTD. Guangdong COO Steven wu, sina home editor MengHui south China, China's first vice President of finance and economics news channel of guangdong new media interface Huang Qian instrument, oyada business holding group in guangdong area general manager wang wei, vice President of holley shares Wang Tang new, Malaysia's johor Pan Weisi, chairman of the international trade, investment and public utilities administration MPS tungtay precision metal manufacturing co., LTD., guangdong Huang Guisheng, director of the Marketing Department, and 20 a media panel.

The judges came out with their beauties

The finals with bright "flame" li, price "job" lianyuncheng, eight exquisite, time overflow color four chapters and three-dimensional home space design competition special link composition, ten contestants through the show, professional questions and answers, space design competition, talent show for fierce competition.

Ten passionate and handsome dancers opened the stage of the finals, and all the beautiful women in red dresses come on stage surrounded by dancers. In the professional question and answer with the host and space design works on, ten outstanding performance. Classical dance, Indian dance, guzheng, paper cutting, singing... The talent of the contestant is amazing, obtain applause ceaselessly, also push this contest to climax. Is the so-called one minute on the stage, ten years of work under the stage, behind the applause is the ten contestants bitter training and hard training, seven days of high intensity closed training, but also for today's wonderful self show laid a solid foundation.

Goddess talent show

Chen yu, the no.5 contestant from marg customization, won the overall champion of the second customized goddess competition in 2019 with his solid professional skills and excellent talent show, which won the praise from the judges and the audience. At the same time, he also won the favor of 21 mass media judges and won the most popular media award.

The link

Besides the runner-up honor, no. 3 zhoudu yangyang also won the goodwill goddess award and the industry image ambassador award. No.10 player wei yi custom zhang miaomiao won the third place; Champion hot contestant no. 4 fan zheng xiaoshan with its sweet shape and excellent performance, won the most on the screen goddess award, congratulations to the winners, also hope that the goddess with honor and mission in the customization industry shining forward.


Champion no. 5 marg house custom Chen yu

Runner-up no. 3 TREEZO Du yangyang

Second place no. 10 wei yi zhang miaomiao

Goddess of goodwill award 3 TREEZO Du yangyang

The most on the goddess award 4 ke fan custom zheng xiaoshan

Most popular media award no. 5 marg house custom Chen yu

Industry image ambassador award no. 3 TREEZO Du yangyang

Most popular goddess award no. 5 mager house custom Chen yu

Since the successful holding of the goddess of customization competition for the first time in 2018, it has blown a storm of alternative marketing in the customization industry and opened a new window for enterprise brand marketing. Since the launch of the second customized goddess competition in August, 2019, it has attracted high attention from both inside and outside the industry. The competition has been gradually heated up by online voting, chattering sound collection and meeting on the ground. On March 27, the grand event was detonated at the scene of the finals, attracting numerous eyeballs instantly.

The second customized goddess competition in 2019 came to a successful conclusion. The competition always adheres to the principle of building industry new era idols with intellectual and beautiful images, and USES the economic effect of beautiful women to gather the focus, improve the industry and enterprise brand awareness, and at the same time, build a fashionable, professional and beautiful new era industry image spokesperson. Here, special thanks contest exclusive title business three-dimensional and sponsors huali shares and dongtai support!

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