"New marketing, new retail, new trends" training conference held successfully

2019-03-15 10:18:36 Guangdong Custom Home Association

On the afternoon of March 11th, the "new retail, new marketing, new trend" training conference sponsored by guangdong custom home furnishing association and guangdong wardrobe industry association was held in the banquet hall on the third floor of shunde miho marriott hotel in foshan. This conference had the honor to invite tan zhaolin, President of BBS/President of toprede, and ouyang xi, CEO/ group vice President of weiyi customization, as the keynote speaker. Nearly 200 members of the association attended this conference.

The meeting in

Any enterprise original superiority all stem however future development trend

At the beginning of the meeting, zeng yong, secretary-general of guangdong custom home furnishing association, made a brave opening speech, from the "first year of customization" in 2016 to the "year of customization" in 2017 to the "real year of customization" in 2018 to the "year of customization" in 2019. It can be said that the association has witnessed the development direction of the industry all the way.

Zeng yong, secretary-general of guangdong custom home furnishing association

"From the end of 2017, we were very sensitive about predicting a little bit of overheating in the industry," he said. Once the industry overheats, people will follow the expansion, which is very dangerous. We do not deny that in the next two years, the industry is likely to move in the direction of general residence, move-in and outfit. But we should be more aware that not every enterprise can achieve, because the management level, brand management, financial strength, team and other factors may not be enough to support these large systems. Consumers are constantly changing, you must from marketing, product positioning, channels and other ways to glue, adapt to the consumer, rather than to change him, because the consumer is the general trend. In this trend, any enterprise's original advantages can not stem the trend of future development.

The time has come to complete the house

As one of the few innovative innovators in the customized home furnishing industry, weishang group can always make one step faster when understanding the changes in consumption. And ouyang xi, as the CEO of dimension custom, is to present guests without reservation to share their own business case.

Ouyang xi, CEO/ group vice President of weiyi customization

First, he cited changes in the external environment, analysis of competitors, changes in consumers and companies themselves as four factors that contributed to the slowdown in growth and declining profits of most companies last year. Below this kind of environment, subdivision of household industry is more and more mature, but lack effective conformity however.

In ouyang xi's opinion, design is gradually replacing the traditional online and offline to become the flow gate of the home furnishing industry. At the same time, he clearly recognized the shortcoming of designing a long and complex sales and service process, but he believed that good design, fine manufacturing, supply chain integration, IT technology core and corporate culture are absolute soft power. Hence put forward: "good design, whole house match complete" this one strategy core. How to complete the layout of the house?

1. New customized double-sword products from all over the house, covering all levels of consumer groups from top to bottom;

2. Launch smart home and arrange smart home industry in advance with new integration of smart home;

3. Meijia background wall hits hard, including 5 levels of consumer groups, 8 mainstream styles, built into the design system, one-key quotation, one-key order, and achieve modular construction in the back end, quality assurance within 5 years, to franchisee cost-effective gross profit;

4. Completely new AI cloud design, aided by artificial intelligence.

Take the differentiation strategy, 2019 will live better

Later, tan zhaolin, chairman of shenzhen toplide enterprise management consulting co., ltd. gave a lecture on the topic of "marketing breakthrough road for pan-home furnishing enterprises". He said: "in 2018, the whole home furnishing industry can be said to be in an unprecedented stumbling, jitter through, how to survive in 2019, live better? Before 2018, Chinese home furnishing industry giants will compete in the first half of the year with hard power, capital, supply chain and mode innovation. However, starting from today, home furnishing giants will compete in the second half with comprehensive soft power, quality, service, efficiency, brand, culture and talent.

Tan zhaolin, chairman of shenzhen toplide enterprise management consulting co., LTD

Among them, he emphasized that the more difficult the market environment is, the more enterprises pursue the development of scale, and the diversified expansion of enterprises are fast dead enterprises; The more difficult the external market environment, the more differentiation strategy, often can survive, but also can live well. China customized home furnishing wants to survive healthily in 2019. What has changed is to establish real user thinking and customer service concept from top to bottom, stick to the intention of creating value for customers, and serve customers sincerely, so as to obtain user reputation and the power of customer emotion.

The only constant is change. Facing the dual pressure competition brought by the internal and external environment, enterprises should learn to constantly change themselves in the changing environment. For the leaders and core managers of enterprises, only by improving their learning and thinking can they make better decisions and judgments.

This year on January 7th, custom in shunde, guangdong furniture association of guangdong province wood school education technology co., LTD., shenzhen billiton PuLi DE enterprise management consultant co., LTD., jointly launched "President pan household workshop", now faces the formal admissions association members, hope to provide a learning progress for a member of the association and communication platform.

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