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China (Guangzhou) Custom Home Exhibition, as the largest professional customized home exhibition in China, has successfully held eight sessions so far. It has built an efficient exchange and cooperation platform for the custom home industry in China and it is the preferred stage for the custom householders to exhibit high-quality products, invite investment and join in, and discuss development strategies. It is also a grand event that the custom home industry can not miss.


The eighth exhibition has more than 500 home-made, door and window, all-aluminium, whole wood and supporting enterprises competing in the same stage. It attracted 180,000 professional audiences from all over the country; many brands jointly staged a custom home "strength show", and has become the most concerned investment platform of the custom home circle and even Pan-home circle.


In addition, it is also the preferred platform for dealers in custom home industry to seek cooperation opportunities and build terminal services. It is also the bridge and link for communication and cooperation between upstream and downstream industry chains in custom home industry.



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